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TRU COVID-19 Response

TRU recognizes many individuals within our university community have questions regarding COVID-19.

The university is monitoring the situation and reviewing the most up-to-date information and recommendations available through regional and provincial medical health officers. For the latest information in British Columbia, visit the BC Centre for Disease Control website.

Refer to the student, employee and health and safety frequently asked questions about COVID-19, which we will update as new information is available; check for updates regularly.

Should you have additional questions, you can connect with us through the following email:

Date Update
May 22 COVID-19: Updates: TRU fall and winter course schedules now available
May 22 Employees FAQ: Update: Moodle for Alternate Delivery
May 21 Employees FAQ: Update: Remote Working to Continue
May 21 Employees FAQ: Updates as marked
May 20 Employees FAQ: COVID-19 Update: Budget and staffing implications
May 15 Health and Safety: Update to "I feel overwhelmed: Where can I get help?"
May 14 Faculty FAQ: Updates as marked
May 14 Students FAQ: Minor revisions as marked
May 8 Students FAQ: Updates and additions as marked
May 8 Faculty FAQ: Additions as marked
May 7 Video message: What BC's Go-Forward Strategy Means for TRU
May 6 Message to Students: Preparing for Upcoming Terms
May 6 Message to Employees: Preparing for Upcoming Terms
May 1 Open Learning: Revisions throughout as marked
April 28 Health and Safety: Are all university-related trips cancelled?
April 28 Health and Safety: Revisions as marked
April 27 Employees FAQ: Revisions as marked
April 27 Students FAQ: Revisions throughout as marked
April 27 Employees FAQ: Is it safe to handle mail and parcels?
April 27 Cancellations and Postponements Science and sports camps cancelled
April 27 Campus Services and Spaces: Parking information
April 27 Temporary guidelines for working from home during the pandemic
April 23 Video message from President Brett Fairbairn to students
April 23 Video message from President Brett Fairbairn to employees
April 17 Students FAQ: What is happening for students in trades programming?
April 17 Campus Services and Spaces: Open and closed spaces
April 17 Health and Safety: I feel overwhelmed. Where can I get help?
April 16 Health and Safety What is TRU doing in response to COVID-19?
April 8 Message and FAQ for Open Learning students
April 3 Updates: Emergency financial assistance and flexibility on withdrawals

Community news

These are some of the almost-700 face masks made by Shelly Johnson and her husband Myles Clay for Indigenous communities.

Answering the call of community with hundreds of masks

Canada Research Chair Dr. Shelly Johnson has made almost 700 face masks on request from Indigenous communities and connections across Canada and beyond.

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Nurses shine in turbulent times

TRU nursing students and faculty are showing strength as they do their best during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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TRU Clinical Co-ordinator and Associate Teaching Professor for the Respiratory Therapy program, Mike Lemphers

Students graduate straight to the COVID-19 frontlines

As the novel coronavirus swept around the globe and killed thousands of people, 65 student respiratory therapists at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) graduated early to work on the frontlines.

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Sarah Ewart and Dave Barroqueiro were part of a TRU Law team that developed a series of apps to help people access COVID assistance programs.

Law team creates blog and apps for COVID-19 assistance

A team of 15 TRU Law students, faculty and alumni collaborated to create a series of apps to help people find out how to access financial help during the pandemic.

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Health-care assistant students Stephanie Mosley and Kalen Hutton at the TRU Foundation Gala

Heroes from their first day

Almost 50 Thompson Rivers University Health-Care Assistant students graduated early this spring to start jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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