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Below are recent newsletters and announcements, related to the return to campus and COVID-19 safety, that were sent to TRU students.

Declaration results

Sept. 23, 2021

Thank you to everyone who completed their vaccine declaration. These results are important as they help us understand where we are as a community and what future changes may be required. If your vaccination status has changed or you have yet to declare, please update/declare your vaccination status.

We are very pleased with both the response rate and our community’s vaccination rate. So far, 84% of our on-campus students, faculty and staff have declared their status, with 86% indicating they are fully vaccinated, and 9% partially vaccinated.

Thank you for doing your part. Protecting our community is a shared responsibility and our vaccination numbers translate into a level of protection for our community that we can feel good about.

A further breakdown of results for our Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses:

  • 94% are fully vaccinated
  • 2% are partially vaccinated
  • 1% are not vaccinated
  • 3% prefer not to answer
  • 90% responded
  • 85% are fully vaccinated
  • 10% are partially vaccinated
  • 2% are not vaccinated
  • 3% prefer not to answer
  • 83% responded

We encourage those who aren't yet to get vaccinated. Please remember that we expect our unvaccinated community to undergo regular testing, which is an important step to protecting our community, especially more vulnerable members. For more information on clinics, please see our article below or our Safe on Campus page.

Future of this newsletter

Now that students are back on campus, we will transition away from sending a dedicated newsletter to update you on items related to a safe fall return. When we have new information relevant to students, we will share on our Return to Campus website, in announcement listings on Current Students and MyTRU, as well as on social media. If you’re not already following us, we encourage you to follow our channels listed at the bottom of the TRU homepage.

On-campus clinics

To support our community, we’re pleased to open our rapid testing clinic on the Williams Lake campus. This clinic joins the regular rapid testing clinic open on the Kamloops campus. These clinics are open to all TRU students, faculty and staff. See the Safe on Campus page for clinic hours.

Please note that Friday, Sept. 24 was the last day for our on-campus vaccination clinic in Kamloops. Interior Health continues to hold regular vaccination clinics in both Kamloops and Williams Lake.

If you are not fully vaccinated, we expect that you will undertake regular testing. Knowing that the unvaccinated are more vulnerable to more significant illness, undergoing regular testing is an important responsibility of our unvaccinated population to protect vulnerable members of the university community.

The rapid testing clinics are limited to those who are asymptomatic. If you have symptoms, please call 811.

Proof of vaccination program update

In places where proof of vaccination is required, starting Monday, Sept. 27, only the BC Vaccine Card, printed or digital, will be accepted for people vaccinated in BC. If you haven’t already, you can get your BC Vaccine Card online.

Contact tracing

As a reminder, Interior Health will lead contact tracing and determine close contacts for on-campus exposures.

Please complete your declaration of vaccine status

Sept. 14, 2021

As previously shared, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure a safe environment for individuals in our university community, TRU is requiring all students, faculty and staff to declare your vaccination status. The following message outlines details on this new process.

The declaration process involves one multiple choice question, will take only moments of your time and provide valuable information for our future planning.

Declare your vaccine status

Collecting this information and receiving your answers is critical to understanding where we are as a university community and what future actions may be necessary to further reduce the risk of COVID-19. We ask that everyone answer the question honestly and if you’re not comfortable declaring your status, you can choose the “Prefer not to answer” option.

It’s important we have accurate data upon which to make any future decisions regarding the safety of our university community. We will share high-level information with you regularly on overall student, faculty and staff vaccination status.

Note that if you do not complete this declaration, your access to some online services on or will be limited beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Full access will resume upon completing your declaration.

The privacy of your information will be protected through this highly confidential process that includes multiple layers of security. TRU will collect and use your personal information only as permitted in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

As a reminder, there are public health orders which you must adhere to while on campus. These include wearing masks indoors and providing proof of vaccination to access some services and locations. While not required, we expect, as able, students, staff and faculty will be vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, we expect that you will undertake regular testing. Knowing that the unvaccinated are more vulnerable to more significant illness, undergoing regular testing is an important responsibility of our unvaccinated population to protect vulnerable members of the university community.

We know that vaccines are the most effective method of fighting the spread and symptoms of COVID-19. Thank you to everyone who is vaccinated and to those who have plans to do so. For those not yet vaccinated, you can easily get your vaccinations at our on-campus vaccination clinic. As always, thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe.

Brett Fairbairn
President and Vice-Chancellor

Safety during the fall term

Sept. 8, 2021

Yesterday, we shared a graphic Quick Guide to COVID-19 measures at TRU with the university community, which stated testing and vaccination were a requirement at TRU. This was an error, and the information has been pulled. We regret and apologize for the confusion this graphic may have caused.

This is the current outline of safety requirements and expectations on campus:

Masks are required in all indoor public areas on campus, per provincial health order (some limited exceptions apply).

Proof of vaccination is required for accessing non-essential services on campus (such as social and recreational activities) effective Sept. 13, per provincial health order.

Declaring vaccine status is required of all students, faculty and staff. This is a university requirement that will help us understand the overall safety of our campus. The process to declare is still under development and will be announced once the system is ready.

Vaccination — we expect, as able, students, faculty and staff will get vaccinated. Vaccination is key in combating COVID-19.

Testing — we expect those not vaccinated will undertake regular testing to support a safe environment for everyone. COVID testing will be available at the Kamloops campus (confidential and free) for asymptomatic faculty, staff and students. Symptomatic testing remains available through Interior Health.

Our goal with all safety measures is to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for everyone where we can teach, learn, and work without further restrictions related to COVID-19. Ultimately, we want to see a reduction in COVID measures over time, so we can return to a normal campus life. To get there, we need vaccination rates to increase, and for those not vaccinated to take part in regular testing. This will help us move past the pandemic.

We know there are many questions coming with our first week back on campus. We will provide updated information as available, recognizing that as the pandemic situation evolves, information may change.

Vaccination Disclosure and Rapid Testing

Aug. 26, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

As we get closer to September’s return to campus, I know that many of us are excited about the return to in-person learning, teaching and research. And coupled with this, is some anxiety given the pandemic’s fourth wave. I want to assure you that we are continuing to implement measures to ensure a safe return.

In recent days, the government announced additional measures to support safety—mandatory masks while indoors and proof of vaccination for accessing non-essential services. The proof of vaccination program has already resulted in an increase to vaccination rates. This is so critical as the success of the BC COVID-19 vaccination program is vital to our return to in-person learning.

We heard clearly from many students this year that their learning has suffered during the pandemic, and that they want to be back on campus.

With this in mind, to further support the safety of our university community and a successful return to campus, TRU will require all students, faculty and staff to self-disclose their vaccination status. Please know this will be a confidential process, with details on implementation to come in the days ahead.

For those not yet vaccinated, TRU will require individuals to undertake regular rapid COVID testing, which will be available on campus.

A vaccination clinic is available on campus for those who have not yet had an opportunity to access a vaccine, and our expectation is that our students, faculty and staff, as able, will be vaccinated this fall. Achieving a return to campus life as we once knew it is a shared responsibility requiring the participation of all members of our university community.

Other ways we are making campus safe include:

  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Barriers in high-traffic service areas
  • Vaccination proof for: student housing, door-entry campus restaurants, athletics activities, events
  • Mandatory masking indoors
  • Improved ventilation to mitigate the spread of communicable diseases

As we have since the start of the pandemic, TRU is following guidance offered by the Provincial Health Office and working closely with the post-secondary sector.

I hope that as we move closer to September, the measures to support your safety will make your return more comfortable, and that we are able to truly focus on why we are coming together on our campuses—to teach, to learn, to be part of a university community.


Brett Fairbairn
TRU President & Vice-Chancellor

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