Steps to Access Services

You are an equal partner in your education and you are responsible for meeting deadlines and following the procedures prescribed by Accessibility Services in order to access the accommodations and services you will require. For on-campus students, completing the following steps will help you on your path to success at Thompson Rivers University.  For Open Learning students, visit our Open Learning Accessibility Services page for details.

For your convenience, download a handout version of these steps here.  If preferred, a plain text version is also available here.


Meet with an Advisor

Three Months Before Start of Semester
Make an appointment with an A.S. Advisor to discuss your needs and which services you are eligible for, preferably three months before the start of the semester.

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Get Necessary Documentation

One Month Before Start of Semester After the initial appointment, acquire the documentation necessary for accessing the accommodations and/or funding that you discussed with your Advisor.

Documentation requirements


Send Out Accommodation Letter(s)

First Week of Classes Once you have supplied your Advisor with the necessary documentation and have been approved for ongoing accommodations, the next step is to contact the A.S. office at the start of the semester to have your accommodation letters distributed.

If you would like to make changes to your accommodations, a meeting with your A.S. Advisor prior to the start of the semester is recommended.


Follow Up

Second Week of Classes
Follow up with your instructors after they receive your accommodation letters. Once you receive your course outlines (around the second week of classes), meet with your Accommodations Coordinator in the A.S. Test Centre to discuss your accommodations and book your exams.

Ensure that you book your midterms and tests one week in advance and adhere to the final exam booking deadline - three weeks before the last day of classes.


Access Accommodations

Throughout Semester
Make use of the accommodations for which you have been approved. Connect with the A.S. Learning Strategist and/or Assistive Technology Specialist.


Continue Accessing

Start of Every Semester
If you would like to continue accessing accommodations, contact the A.S. office each semester to request that they send out your accommodation letters and continue the process!

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