Early Alert: A Safety Net for Students in Difficulty

Early Alert engages faculty and staff in identifying students struggling academically and connecting those students to on-campus resources and support services as efficiently as possible.

Early Alert is not an emergency service

In the event of an emergency requiring police, ambulance or fire services, call 911 immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why was the Early Alert program developed?

The Early Alert Program was developed for several reasons:

  • To provide faculty and staff with access to a process for referring concerns about the academic progress of students.
  • To support a centralized approach to early student intervention.
  • To support the academic success, persistence and retention of students at TRU.
 What is the purpose of Early Alert?

The purpose of Early Alert is to connect students in difficulty to TRU resources and support services as early as possible in their current university semester.

The sooner a student in difficulty is identified through the Early Alert process, the more time the student will have to improve his or her academic performance and successfully complete their course or program.

 How does Early Alert work?
  1. A staff or faculty member notices a student in difficulty and contacts the Early Alert office.
  2. Early Alert communicates with the student to offer optional, confidential support.
  3. Early Alert meets with the student to assess the student's needs and connect them to TRU resources or support services.
  4. Contact with unresponsive students is discontinued after 2 attempts. Referrers are notified regarding the level of responsiveness of the student.
 What if it’s an emergency?

Early Alert systems are not intended for emergency situations. In the event of an emergency requiring police, fire or ambulance, dial 911. Otherwise, contact campus security at 250-828-5033.

 Will an Early Alert request become part of a student’s record?

No. A request for Early Alert support does not become part of a student’s academic record, or affect their grades. Instead, Early Alert gives students the opportunity to improve their academic standing in a timely manner. In addition, the referral will be viewed on a need-to-know basis. The information shared will not become a part of a student's permanent record.

If you recognize that a student may be in difficulty:

Submit referral
Contact Early Alert


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