What Leaders Say

All comments are taken from survey responses to an end-of-year call for feedback.

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How do you see yourself as a leader, after the experience of the past year?

"I feel much more confident talking in large groups. I am able to actively engage my peers with new information and help them to develop their own methods for understanding lecture material. I can guide and assist others in learning, rather then teach them or rehash the lecture material."

"I've learned to think on my feet... to be more assertive."

"I see myself as a real supporter... someone there to give others the tools they need to succeed and try to guide them towards that success. I still have work to do but my confidence in speaking... has grown enormously... boost[ing] my self-esteem in the process."

"I have seen my planning and organization skills develop hugely over the last 2 years. I feel my confidence as a leader had also grown."

"I have stretched myself beyond personal boundaries this year and have become... more comfortable in a leadership role."

"It brought a new sense of a leader to me. Now I see a leader as a good facilitator."

In what ways has being an SL Leader challenged you?

"SL challenged me to step away and let people learn for themselves."

"SL challenged me to manage my time better."

"It forced me to be more organized than I have ever been. Also... to fully understand the lecture material so I could properly assist those who attended my sessions."

"Put me out of my comfort zone in public speaking which I feel less anxious about now... and challenged me to use my creative side when coming up with unique activities for sessions."

"Sometimes we have to try something new new and that requires confidence. As a perfectionist, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself so it's challenging to do something new when you're not sure how it will turn out. But I learned to trust myself and the students as well." 

"...To be more patient and hold back, and not to teach, but to guide and lead students in the right direction so that they are able to rely on their own devices..."

"... To work on my organization and time management skills... things I wasn't very good at when I started university"

"Becoming an SL leader helped to reaffirm where my strengths were and give me confidence in my abilities to lead a group."

General comments on the experience:

"I have no doubt in my mind that it has made me a better person."

"A fantastic experience."

"It challenged me to make connections... Usually I'm quite shy, but SL challenged me to develop my interpersonal skills and I met some interesting students as a result."

"SL provided me with the perfect opportunity to submerse myself in the university environment and further develop my leadership skills."

"An amazing opportunity for both leaders and students... I am so glad I became an SL leader before I graduated."

SL Leadership has been “both... challenging and rewarding... Students who did attend the sessions were... appreciative... Knowing that I helped even one student throughout the year made all my effort worth while."

"After a year involved in SL, I walked out with a completely different understanding of leadership."

"One thing it did really help me with was motivation and responsibility... My grades are the highest they’ve been in University thus far... [The] extra time I’m devoting has boosted my work ethic and improved my time management skills which in turn have helped my grades."

"Several students thank[ed] me for helping them pass the course and it gave me a sense of leadership and pride that I was able to help effectively."

"Leading and organizing... [giving] students a framework in which to interact with the material independently, applying it in a supportive and interactive peer-setting... is SL leadership... I am still working on this, but I have come a long way."

“SL has increased my confidence overall... I have learned... how to ‘think on my feet’. No matter how much I prepared for a session, it never went according to plan, and I have grown accustomed to quickly... deciding how to better coordinate a session. I am also becoming more comfortable with not knowing the answer to every question, which has helped me grow as a life-long learner.”

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