Graduate Students

Winter 21 Semester (Jan. 18 to Apr. 16)

The Writing Centre offers 45-minute appointments with qualified graduate tutors. Students can book up to two appointments per week by logging in at

You may also access this schedule if you are taking a 5000 or 6000 level course in a graduate certificate or diploma.

Graduate students are welcome to book on the Undergraduate schedule if they need help with grammar or lower level concerns. Many of our Undergraduate tutors are enrolled in a Master's Degree program at TRU.  

Summer 21 Semester (May 10 to Aug 5)

Graduate students are welcome to make an appointment on the S21 Undergraduate schedule. Graduate tutors will be designated.  

Online Graduate Courses

If you are enrolled in an online course for a Master's degree, or Graduate diploma or certificate, please email the following information to:

  • The name of the Graduate program you are enrolled in
  • The course name and course number
  • Your TRU student ID number
  • A maximum of two files (a copy of your assignment instructions and your draft). The file with your writing must be in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).
  • Include a detailed description of what you’d like help with at the top of your paper, i.e., specific questions, or the areas you’d like our tutor to pay close attention to

Turnaround time is usually within 72 hours from the time the email is received.

This support service is limited to one appointment per week for each online course.  

Additional Graduate Resources

Additional graduate resources can be found here:

Graduate Resources



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