The Orientation & Transition team, comprised of professional and student staff, strives to create a warm, welcoming and academically supportive community for over 3,000 new-to-TRU students each year.

Orientation & Transitions leaders work to provide information and guidance to interested students and other relevant parties at booths around campus and at other campus and community events. Ambassadors also lead training for orientation volunteers, and host informational TRU Student Life workshops throughout the semester.

As a new student it can be overwhelming to come to a new school, maybe even a new city, meet new people and adapt to a new level of education. Orientation and transitions leaders are an incredible support as a mentor to help make your first year as successful as possible.

Orientation and Transitions Leaders

  • Kayla Sanford

    Kayla Sanford
    Program of Study: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts
    Year: 6th
    Fun Fact: I’ve completed a semester doing Co-op Abroad in Costa Rica. While there I worked with nesting Olive Ridley sea turtles and their hatchlings.

  • Nicolás Bosworth

    Nicolás Bosworth
    Program of Study: Arts majoring in English
    Year: 3rd
    Fun Fact: I want to be a teacher; mainly teaching English as a second language, but I would also enjoy being a Language Arts teacher in a regular school!

  • Gabby Jimenez

    Gabby Jimenez
    Program of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business
    Year: 2nd
    Fun Fact: I really like playing guitar and watching sunsets. My dream is to swim with sharks.

  • Joan Kagonia

    Joan Kagonia
    Program of Study: BBA, Finance
    Year: 3rd
    Fun Fact: Take advantage of what Orientation has to offer and make as many friends as possible during your first few weeks at TRU.

  • Fernando Javier Villareal

    Fernando Javier Villareal
    Program of Study: BBA, Marketing
    Year: 3rd
    Fun Fact: My greatest passion is traveling and trying new foods!

  • Ananna Mitra

    Ananna Mitra
    Program of Study: Bachelor of Science, Math
    Year: 4th
    Fun Fact: I have a gift with people and love meeting new people. I love food and travel. Hope to have travelled the world by the time I’m 30.

  • Swagath Swamy

    Swagath Swamy
    Program of Study: Bachelor of Journalism
    Year: 2nd
    Fun Fact: I love arts - I am passionate about theatre and I also write! I also love to talk and dance and sing loudly on the streets!
    So, hey new friend welcome to TRU!


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The Study Skills Café is hosted by our wonderful ambassadors. Learn how to improve your time management, note taking, test taking, citations and stress management.

Science Building

The ambassador team is at it again! These great leaders have expanded the TRU Student Life Outreach in Old Main— sharing resources and candy with their peers. Look for them on campus. » TRU Student Life on Facebook

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