New Student Mentors

Are you a new-to-TRU student this fall? Let us be amongst the first to welcome you to TRU’s campus!

Congratulations on starting your journey at TRU. We want you to feel welcome on campus and supported as you transition into university life.

As a new student it can be overwhelming to come to a new school, maybe even a new city, meet new people and adapt to a new level of education. Orientation and transitions mentors are an incredible support to help make your first year as successful as possible.

All new-to-TRU students (including graduate, transfer and mature students) have the option to be paired with one of these upper-year student mentors.

Getting a mentor

If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, we'll ask you for information to help us find the best match possible. Matching can be based on academic program, academic school, or identity.

Program Details
  • You and your mentor can set mutually-convenient meetings
  • You may meet in person, virtually, chat via text, email, or social media. Whatever means makes you comfortable.
  • Please note that mentors are not tutors, and cannot help with course-specific content questions.
  • Requests for a peer mentor are accepted based on available capacity
What can I expect as a mentee?
  • Get connected with your own Peer Mentor via email or social media. Letting your Peer Mentor know how to contact you will assist them in getting you important information throughout the mentoring period.
  • Ask questions! Your mentor has been in your shoes before and can share their experiences.
  • We host multiple events thrughout the semester and they are a great way to take a break and meet people.
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