Meet the Team

The Student Life Office is your first stop when you arrive at Thompson Rivers University!

Our role is to ensure new-to-TRU students make a successful transition to university life. We want to support students achieve their academic, personal and social goals. We also want to ensure that our office offers an assortment of opportunities to engage students in university life such as workshops, leadership development, peer mentoring and certificate programs.

  • Julie Taylor

    Julie Taylor
    Manager of Student Experience


    Julie has been at TRU since 2010 where she oversaw the Global Competency Certificate. She then moved into a role within the Center for Student Engagement, was a Learning Strategist - Orientation & Transitions, and now the Manager of Student Life. Julie completed her education at UBC with a Bachelor of Education and worked in SD73 for many years before TRU. In her spare time Julie can be found exploring the outdoors, playing soccer, working out, or spending quality time with her son.

  • Umme Mansoory

    Umme Mansoory - On Leave
    Learning Strategist
    Mentorship & Leadership


    Responsible for the oversight of all mentoring programming including peer mentor professional development, TRU LEADership conference, and Steps towards Success. Works with students and faculty on certificates such as Global Competency and Leadership in Environmental Sustainability.

  • Lolina Koopmans

    Lolina Koopmans
    Learning Strategist
    Mentorship & Leadership


    Lolina began as an administrative assistant in 1992 and moved into a role as International Student Advisor at TRU World in 1998. While at TRU World, she enjoyed helping thousands of international students from around the world. She has completed an Associate Arts degree, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a Master of Education degree with a focus in Counselling from TRU. Lolina has enjoyed playing a role in students’ academic journey and describes her job as: “Being surrounded by young, beautiful people wanting to improve themselves while on a beautiful campus. What’s not to like?!” Lolina and her husband have two daughters, two dogs, and an old cat. Hiking with the dogs is a favorite activity as well as kayaking and spending time with friends.

    As a B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor, Lolina also works part-time as a Counselling Therapist at a Kamloops Mental Health Clinic.

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