Multi Faith Room

Thompson Rivers University offers a private and quiet space for students, faculty and staff to reflect, pray and meditate.

The area is comprised of two rooms: the North Room (OM 2496) and South Room (OM 2494), as well as a storage space for supplies and materials you may want to keep on-site.

Groups wanting to engage in a shared spiritual practice may book one of the spaces by visiting the Student Services Receptionist at OM 1631, or by calling 250-828-5014. (While the North Room is generally made available for Muslim prayer, other Faith groups requiring a larger area may book this space for their spiritual practice.)


This space is not a) a chapel, church, mosque or temple; b) a bookable classroom; c) a lounge; (it is not a place for individuals to meet and have conversations) d) a library or study hall.


  • Canadian Holidays and Observances

  • Spiritual Observances

  • Multi-Faith Room bookings & Chaplain Office Hours

To book either of the Multi-Faith Rooms please email Meg Durvin at

Guiding principles

  1. This room is to be accessible to all members of the TRU community.
  2. The space is not associated with any one faith group.
  3. No one group is to monopolize the designated time set aside for group bookings.
  4. The room is used only for the designated purposes.
  5. The room is to be well maintained.
  6. Issues with use of the room can be raised with the Chaplaincy (Room OM 1421) or by emailing
  7. No promotional posters, pamphlets, or business cards will be placed in the room.

Code of conduct

  1. No talking, singing or discussion, with the exception of groups booking the space.
  2. No food or drink.
  3. No candles. (They are a fire hazard.)
  4. No scented items. (Please keep the environment scent free.)
  5. Be respectful of others already in the room. Silent prayer is expected. (Unless you are the sole occupant, or have a group booking.)
  6. If too many are in the room, please return at a different time.
  7. Take off street shoes as you enter and place shoes in designated area.
  8. Prayer carpet is to be unrolled for use and when done, must be re-rolled and put away.
  9. Be respectful of others and these facilities.
  10. Please keep the rooms clean.

TRU reserves the right to ask any individual or group not complying to the Code of Conduct or the Guiding Principles to leave the space or to discontinue having ongoing access.

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