Summer Science Lab Courses

Take a science lab course this summer!

If you want to keep up with your schedule, this summer can be a good time to take individual courses, get ahead in your field and expand your knowledge in science.

Choose from the following Biology, Physics or Chemistry lab courses to fulfill your program requirements.

Open Learning Summer Science Labs, 2021 dates
Subject Summer Labs Course Start Course End
BIOL (1) 1595 05-JUL 09-JUL
PHYS 1105 05-JUL 09-JUL
BIOL (1) 1695 12-JUL 16-JUL
BIOL 1115 12-JUL 16-JUL
PHYS 1205 12-JUL 16-JUL
BIOL (2) 1595 19-JUL 23-JUL
CHEM 2125 19-JUL 23-JUL
BIOL (2) 1695 26-JUL 30-JUL
CHEM 2225 26-JUL 30-JUL
BIOL (3) 1595 09-AUG 13-AUG
BIOL 1215 09-AUG 13-AUG
BIOL (3) 1695 16-AUG 20-AUG


The registration deadline for all summer courses listed above is one week before the start date or when filled to capacity (limited seats).

If you have further questions, please email

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