Payroll Lottery

Next draw: August 26, 2020 at 11:55am in the Foundation office, located on the lower level of the Clock Tower.  All who play are welcome to join us for the draw! 

Payroll lottery is a 50/50 draw winning amount based on number of participants each pay period. 

50 percent of the lottery pool goes to a lucky employee whose name is drawn each payday and 50 percent of goes to the students of TRU (through the TRU Foundation).  The sky is the limit; with prizes reaching over $1000 — you will want to sign up soon! The more participants, the larger the prize!


Payroll Lottery Enrollment Form

$5 per entry per pay period — automatically deducted by payroll. To increase your chances, you may purchase a second entry for an additional $5 per pay.  Remember each entry is $5; each additional entry increases your chances of winning!  Payroll provides names of participants. The TRU Foundation uses to draw a number.

Look for the winner to be announced on payday Thursday. The winner's cheque will be issued by the next lottery draw.

Just ask our previous winners how exciting and rewarding it is to play the payroll lottery. Congratulations to all our winners and participants for assisting students with education costs!

 IF you play - this could be YOU!Department 
Lori De Frias TRU World 1,032.50 
Rosalyn Alexander Open Learning 1,027.50
Michael Henry    SOBE 1,049.00
Janet Roberts    Advancement 1,052.50 
Rod McCormick Aboriginal Education 1,062.50
Daniel Stultz Registrar 1,067.50
Lachlan Todd    Future Students 1,062.50 
Iain Pardoe  Open Learning 1,070.00
Carolyn Teare    Open Learning 1,095.00 
Lindsay Jones Advancement 1,090.00 
Diana Major Advancement 1,155.00
Iain Pardoe  Open Learning 1,157.50 
Nan Stevens School of Education 1,152.50
Anne-Marie Tessier    School of Education 1,147.50 
Randy Hofman Open Learning 1,135.00
Izabela Mazur University and Enrollment Prep 1,127.50
Nadine Feather Student Awards 1,112.50 
Christopher Ward Open Learning 1,120.00
Joey McGarry  Marketing & Communications 1,110.00 
Paul Murphy Culinary Arts 1,102.50
Christopher Ward Open Learning 1,102.50 
Susan Daykin University and Enrollment Prep 1,097.50
Anita Swing English and Modern Languages 1,090.00
Shari Caputo Nursing 1,085.00
Lori Cooper    School of Busines and Economics 1,077.50
Madelene Doyle Williams Lake 1,067.50
Amy Sampson IT Client Services   1,055.00
Dennis Acreman Faculty of Science 1,097.50
Doreen Grenier Nursing 1,097.50
Baihua Chadwick TRU World 1.092.50
Caroline Whitelaw Provost and VP Academic Office 1,110.00
Donna Petri Provost and VP Academic Office 1,092.50
Tracy Barth Admissions and Records 1,110.00
Michael Burke Facilities 1,100.00
Juliana West Bachelor of Social Work 1,105.00
Marianna Abutalipova  TRU World  1,150.00
Samantha Nielsen Student Development 1,155.00
Steven Ross  Nursing 1,147.50
Marie Weisbeck Trades and Technology 1,152.50
Linda McAbee   Registrar Office 1,147.50
Meghan Low   Trades and Technology 1,155.00
Wayne Hendry   Financial Aid & Student Awards 1,147.50
Nadine Feather   Financial Aid & Student Awards    1,147.50
Corey Wisla  Open Learning   1,142.50
Marianna Abutalipova  TRU World   1,155.00
Matthew Tarzwell   Marketing and Communications 1,070.00  
Myrissa Krenzler TRU World 1,092.50
Marnie Wright Open Learning    1,080.00
Daniel Stultz Registrar Office 1,087.50
Jennifer Spitman University Library    1,090.00
Tara Geiger Animal Health Technology 1,075.00
Jennifer Read    Marketing and Communications 1,057.50
Rien Okawa    School of Business and Economics 1,052.50
Tara Geiger    Animal Health Technology 1,075.00
Stephen Butt    Print Services 1,062.50
Goldie Preziosi    Science Department    1,065.00
Maxine Gaye Dunkley    TRU World 1,090.00
Karen Nichols Registrar 1,082.50
Vera Mazzei    Admissions and Records 1,077.50
Kimberly King    Registrar 1,080.00
Karl Fultz    Enterprise Systems    1,090.00
Christina Zaenker    Registrar's office 1,205.00
Janet Roberts    Advancement 1,202.50
Colleen Foucault    Journalism, Communications and New Media   1,195.00
Linda Brunt    Print Services 1,210.00
Catherine Dallaire    School of Business and Economics    1,205.00
Nicole Singular    Open Learning    1,212.50
Lori Cooper    TRU World    1,212.50
Andreas Tomaszewski    Open Learning    1,210.00
Donald Poirier Open Learning 1,200.00
Alice Leong    Financial Aid & Awards 1,220.00
Dillon Alexandre    Facilities    1,162.50
Katherine Watmough    Library    1,180.00
Pat Hennelly    Athletics    1,172.50
Donna Murnaghan Nursing    1,165.00
Tracy Hoot    Nursing    1,185.00
Karen Grigoleit    Admissions and Records    1,170.00
Clifton Harms    Technical Services    1,177.50
Christopher Ward    Open Learning    1,165.00
Ronda Olds       Open Learning 1,200.00
Gerry Fink    Open Learning 1,197.50
Leigh S. Matthews English and Modern Languages 1,195.00
Kirstin McLaughlin       Nursing 1,205.00
Scott Blackford    General Counsel    1,207.50
Michael Lemphers    Open Learning    1,220.00
Peter Murphy    English and Modern Languages    1,217.50
Rick Walker    IT Client Services    1,267.50
Deborah Sproull    Registrar 1,312.50
Doreen Grenier    Nursing 1,315.00
Chad Grimm    Athletics 1,340.00
Julie Orobko Finance 1,327.50
Kristina Lidster Auxiliary 1,345.00
Doug Loblaw Program Delivery - Open Learning 1,342.50
Jenny Gomes Human Resources 1,340.00
Percy Hebert Open Learning 1,347.50
Karen Moore Integrated Planning & Effectiveness 1,345.00
Lori Cooper A.V.P. Research & Graduate Studies 1,352.50
Victoria Martin School of Business and Economics 1,285.00
Barbara Mayer University Library 1,300.00
Melissa Schuurman Open Learning 1,282.50
Dawne Bringeland Program Delivery - OL 1,282.50
Dorys Crespin-Mueller   Integrated Planning & Effectiveness 1,287.50
Christine LeClair Admissions 1,270.00
Randy Matter Bookstore 1,275.00
Rosalind Flockhart BC Centre for Open Learning Registrar 1,262.50
Doug Ellis Tourism Management 1,297.50
Elaine Tattrie Finance Division 1,285.00
Lee Evans TRU World 1,290.00
Debbie Blackwell Finance Division 1,297.50
Dorine Berube TRU Open Learning 1,280.00
Mairi MacKay Biological Sciences 1.305.00
Vicky Smith TRU World 1,317.50
Janis Setka Facilities 1,305.00
Lisa Smillie Student Awards & Financial Support 1,290.00
Angela Martin School of Business and Economics 1,312.50
Jason Melnyk Finance 1,327.50
Misty Antoine Aboriginal Education 1,320.00
Keisha Morong Academic Advising 1,332.50
Caroline Whitelaw Research and Graduate Studies 1,322.50
Jon Shephard Athletics 1,325.00
Joe O'Dwyer Facilities 1,335.00
Paul Clark School of Business and Economics 1,375.00
Amy Tucker School of Business and Economics 1,315.00
Charlene Myers Board of Governors 1,317.50
Cindy Wozney Finance 1,282.50
Heather Sayban Admissions and Records 1,282.50
Laura Harvey Auxiliary 1,282.50
Tom O'Byrne Facilities 1,242.50
Janis Goad English as a Second Language 1,270.00
Bonnie Scherrer Human Social and Educational Dev 1,260.00
Mary-Frances Gray Open Learning 1,222.50
Janis Setka Facilities Services 1,257.50
Leigh Matthews English and Modern Languages 1,257.50
Ken Olynyk Athletics 1,252.50
Heather Noyes Allied Health AND OLFM 1,202.50
Ron Lakes Open Learning Faculty Member 1,200.00
Carol Costache Animal Health Tech 1,192.50
Linda Komori MarComm 1,197.50
Yair Linn Program Delivery OL 1,177.50
Rudy Matter Bookies 1,175.00
Joan Bolton Williams Lake 1,175.00
Patricia Howe IT Services 1,172.50
Sarah Carefoot Finance 1,170.00
Tanya Sanders Nursing 1,152.50
Debra Clare Nursing 1,130.00
Krista Stoesz Ancillary Services 1,125.00
Brian Scrivener Curriculum Services OL 1,135.00
Amy Sampson IT Service Desk 1,142.50
Melissa Schuurman Open Learning 1,117.50
Christina Viefhues Open Learning 1,110.00
Ashlynn Harris Print Services 1,090.00
Toupey Luft Bachelor of Education 1,082.50
Lorraine Arnott General Councel 1,090.00
Cheryl Zawaduk Nursing 1,037.50
Rod Yokoyama IT Services 1,030.00
May Auger Faculty of Law 1,015.00
Deborah Anderson Nursing 1,000.00
Heather Short Registrar's office 1,042.50
Reyna Denison TRU World 1,027.50
Tracy Barth Admissions and Records 1,030.00
Jennifer Crall Curriculum Services OL 1,032.50
Donna Petri Nursing 1,040.00
Kingsley Donkor Physical Sciences and Engineering 1,042.50
Wendy Blaskovic Trades and Technology Centre 1,022.50
Erica Gray Agricultural Related Programs 1,012.50
Colleen McClean Advancement Office 977.50
Jennifer Crall Curriculum Services OL 972.50
Michael Burke Facilities Services 1,010.00
Amanda Laughton Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar 1,007.00

Thank you for your time and thank you for supporting the Foundation in its efforts to support TRU students!  For more information please feel free to contact us at: Thompson Rivers University Foundation, 805 TRU Way, Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8  250-828-5264

Thank you to the British Columbia Provincial Government – BC Gaming BC Gaming Event Licence


Actual Odds depend on number of tickets sold.                  BC Gaming Event Licence #102820
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111
Know your limit, play within it. 19+
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