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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary


Animal Health Technology
Animal Health Technology

Learn about everything from hugs to bugs and spays to X-rays.

Architectural & Engineering Technology
How to Design a House in 60 Minutes

This interactive seminar will introduce you to the Revit software used by Architects and Engineers to design many of the new buildings you see being constructed today.  Try your hand at designing a home, then walk around in your virtual creation!

Art History/Visual Culture

Sex in Media

So, how come all the babes and hunks seem to look the same in media? And, why, oh, why do my heroes not look like me? This will be a visual exploration of masculinity and femininity in advertising, film, and gaming, and why that affects us.

Are invertebrates 'party animals' or do they prefer to 'stay home alone'?

We will work with a variety of cool invertebrate animals to investigate their social behaviours in this lab.

C.I.A.: Chemicals in Action

A nefarious deed leads to some chemical sleuthing to discover 'whodunit'.

Computing Science
From Bits to Bytes a Taste of Modern Computing Science, More Than Just Code

Modern Computer Science is used in every field from games to movies, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and so much more. This informative and hands-on presentation will introduce you to the field of Computing Science and its wide-ranging applications.

The Economics of Video Games:  MMO Economy

Did you know that inflation can occur in MassivelyMultiplayer Online (MMO) economies like World of Warcraft and EVE Online? For years, every massively multiplayer game has struggled with it. But lately, game developers have been applying a real-world economic solution. In this session, you’ll learn what MMO Inflation is and why it happens. You’ll also learn how to manage inflation in Game Economies.


Engineering a Programmable Tester

You will build a battery tester with an Arduino starter kit. It will measure the battery’s voltage and express it’s condition visually with colored LED’s

Software Engineering for Robotics and the Internet of Things

The collaboration between software engineering and robotics as well as Internet of Things (IoT) is strategic. Devolving new software systems for robotics and IoT can significantly reduce development cost and improve quality. Both robotics and IoT are expected to provide sustainable, efficient, and smart solutions for transportation, governance, environment, quality of life, etc. Therefore, efficient software systems are the backbone for robotics and IoT application.  The talk will provide a comprehensive overview of software engineering, robotics, and IoT. The focus will be given to software systems for efficient robotics and IoT applications which can help to reduce complexity, cost, and energy consumption. The talk will also discuss applications include disaster management, smart homes, smart grid, and charging management for electric vehicles. Finally, the talk will present future opportunities in this field.

Sports Literature

Do you like sports and you don’t care who knows? Have you ever been caught up in the drama of a last-minute comeback? Were you on the edge of your seat during the “Golden Goal” at the 2010 Winter Olympics? Whether you are an athlete, a fan, or new to the sport world, this session will introduce you to the exciting field of sport literature. You will learn how authors capture the thrills of championship games, underdog stories, and all-star seasons through written works. From The Hockey Sweater to Friday Night Lights, come explore this new area of study and discover why sport stories keep us coming back for more! 

CSI Geology

Forensic geologists use their knowledge of earth materials to help solve crimes. Whether proving the culprits of groundwater pollution, substantiating art forgeries, or providing evidence to solve murders, geologists give evidence and serve as expert witnesses. Forensic geologists often use sediment or sand to help solve murders. Sand sticks to bodies, perpetrator’s clothing, shoes, automobiles, etc. Criminals might not be aware that a little bit of sand can link them to a particular location, placing them at the scene of the crime. In this exercise you take the role of the forensic scientist examining traces of sediment using a variety of geo-technologies to determine, “whodunit.”

The War Against the Pirates

For centuries, pirates were recognized as important weapons in developing the British Empire. By 1700, however, they had outlived their usefulness. We'll be looking at the development of piracy in the Caribbean, its Golden Age, and its demise. We'll also look into the lives of the pirates themselves. (Hint: they weren't exactly like Jack Sparrow!)

Journalism and
New Media
Let's Play 5 Card Flickr — The Power of Stories

In Journalism and New Media, we look at skills and strategies for organizing information into the stories society needs to make sense. We learn about different technologies and how they can help- or hinder — our ability to tell these stories. Google, Pinterest, Flickr. In a few clicks, we can gather together information about anything we can imagine. But sometimes this can be overwhelming — sometimes, we feel like we’re drowning in information! The heroes of tomorrow will be those who can make sense of all this information and organize it into logical and easy to understand stories. In medicine, forestry, science, technology, law, business, education — in any field you can imagine — we need to be able to organize information and share our ideas with other people. Let’s practice today by playing 5 Card Flickr — a digital storytelling game!

Mathematics of Knots

Starting with a piece of rope, we can develop a mathematical theory that starts with our familiar understanding of knots and quickly leads to new frontiers of research. In the process, we will encounter some open problems; problems nobody knows how to answer!

Our Microbial World
Microbes rule the world. They are the most abundant organisms on the planet and the human body contains more microbial cells than human cells. Learn which microbes are the good, the bad, and the ugly and see the state-of-the art technology being used to explore our microbial world
Natural Resource Science
Wildlife in the City

More than just pigeons! Cities are home to a wide variety of wildlife, and trail cameras are being used to increase our understanding about these species that pass through our backyards. Join us! Learn more about urban wildlife, the use of trail cameras and have some fun cataloguing animal images captured during an urban wildlife research project. 

Philosophy of Sex and Love

Are love and sex really bound together? Lots of creatures have sex, but only humans have that thing called love and make such a big deal about it. Why do we do this and what does it mean? We will debate the merits of sex with, and without, love.

Secrets of Attraction

Shedding light on action-at-a-distance forces: the world of magnetism.

Life Is But a Dream: Introduction to Psychology

What do ghost voices, Lady Gaga, and optical illusions all have in common? Drop by to find out!

Respiratory Therapy
Breathing Life into Health Science

Respiratory therapists are important members of the healthcare team. They diagnose and treat many different breathing problems. Come see some really cool things that respiratory therapists do to help people breathe. If you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

Do I Look Fat in This?

We are all gendered beings. We live in a gendered world. Most of us move through our lives performing gendered roles without even thinking about it. In this talk please join a sociologist and an anthropologist as we talk gender--from lingerie football to transgendered comedy, we'll ask what is gender? How does it differ cross-culturally? And how does power get asserted or challenged through various expressions of gender?

Theatre Workshop

Where will you find regular live performance on campus?  At the Actors Workshop Theatre, of course!

Join our dramatic team of faculty for a quick orientation of our state-of-the-art performance space and brief workshop on acting techniques

Visual Arts, 2D
Visual Arts 2D (Photograms)

Analog Photographs! Visit the Visual Arts Department and make your own original photograms in the wet darkroom!

Visual Arts, 3-D Foundations
Sculpt This!

An introduction to Sculpture and 3-D, with a fast, fun workshop utilizing team work, found objects, principles of construction and other strategies. Before the workshop, there will be a very short slide presentation of cutting edge contemporary studies.

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