A TRU Day of Giving

A TRU Day of Giving

November 5 and 6, 2020

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Or call us during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at 778-471-8469

How you can help: 1. Donate 2. Tell others 3. Use #ISupportMyTRU and share your story

Our goal: $36,000 Amount raised: $50,390 Goal reached: 140% Number of donors: 72

What you'll do

You’ll help students stay in school, complete their studies and go out into the world to make a difference.

You’ll support programs in the Nursing and Population Health building where students will learn skills to keep people and communities healthy.

You’ll ensure women going into non-traditional trades are supported for success.

You’ll make an impact on students, on the university and on the community.

Give to the Day of Giving in general or choose from a selection of programs and projects.


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Give now online
Or call us during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at 778-471-8469

What donors are saying in 2020

As a former member of UCC's staff, I used to observe that the Trades and Technology programs did not receive the support that many degree programs enjoyed. The graduates are critical members of our Society and deserve our full support. Anonymous
I am one of the Professors Emeriti encouraging other emeriti to donate to the TRU Emeriti Endowmnet Fund Anonymous
While teaching at TRU I noticed how First Nation peoples were underrepresented within the student body. Since I believe that education is the fundamental cornerstone to a strong nation and a healthy community, and for that reason, I decided to do my small part to encourage and support any First Nation student wishing to continue their education at the post secondary level by creating the JD GOWS award for aboriginal students wishing to pursue a career in science and by donating to the TRU Day of Giving. Anonymous
Education is the best gift; thoughtful and caring students are essential for all of our futures in these changing times. Anonymous
We need to invest in future generations to make keep this community AMAZING! Tina Mathew
As a former student of two degrees, TRU has afforded me a great career. I have a strong alignment with paying it forward. I encourage others to do so as well. Anonymous
In Memory of Marguerite McDougall for her contributions as the first Student Health and Occupational Health Care Provider for Cariboo College (1975 - 1982) and her commitment that every woman should have an university education. To support the post graduate education of our future generation and inspire students to follow their dreams. Anonymous
I believe in helping students and through the past 20 years have seen all of my student recipients excel and go on to rewarding careers in the community and elsewhere. Anonymous
Everyone I have worked with TRU has been so wonderful. I'm very very happy to support your institution on this initiative. I have two daughters and so I am donating on behalf of each of them to support women in trades. Good luck! Anonymous
We must do everything possible to help rectify the injustices caused by residential schools Anonymous
I know at this time in particular, students are struggling and I want to be sure they can attend university. Nancy Flood
I received this scholarship when I was a student and I want to give back to help new students achieve their goals and become #TRUALUMNI Anonymous
Supporting students to reach their educational goals contributes to their success and the communities we live in. After 20 years of giving I have had the opportunity to see my award recipients make a difference and become leaders and mentors in the work they do. Anonymous
Because I would like to encourage in trades, and they need this support. Anonymous
Bursaries assisted me when I attended TRU and ensure future generations can complete valuable learning. Pakka Bronwen

What donors said in 2019

My daughter and youngest brother both received financial awards while attending TRU. My daughter is now a senior lecturer in the School of Business & Economics. It is so rewarding to know that you are helping a student achieve their goal and hopefully taking a little stress away. Sandra Dever
To support students to be their best and to have post secondary education a possibility for them. Giving back to students through a bursary and two awards is one way I can support students, TRU and the community. Greg Garrish
Education is the lighting of a fire. Not the filling of a pail. Anonymous
I give a lot of money to McGill University, mainly because I graduated from McGill and I live in Montreal, but I think universities such as yours deserve lots of support also. Anonymous
To help people in need. Henry Wong
I created this award for students who cherish the value of contributing to community through volunteerism and strive to make service a part of their learning experiences at TRU. I also created this award with the hope that more faculty across campus find ways to engage TRU students in community and service-learning curriculum. Wendy Krauza
As both an Alumni and Faculty member, whose daughter has benefitted from several TRU scholarship and bursaries, I feel it is very important to pay it forward! Christine Petersen
Supporting TRU triggers a ripple effect that will continue to positively impact lives. With a facility like the new Nursing & Population Health Building, the impact is immense. The lives of students, faculty and staff are just the beginning. The impact on patients and families that they will care for or assist is immense. Anonymous
I was helped out with a bursary when I attended and was struggling financially. Jod-Dee Dagneau
I am an alumni and a resident of Kamloops. I am very proud of the achievements TRU has made since I graduated in 1982 and would like to help out. Anonymous
I am a proud TRU Alumni from the academic years '88-'89 and '89-'90. TRU prepared me well for moving on to UBC and to other interesting things in my career. I've been so impressed with the growth of TRU over the years! Go TRU! Troy Sarich
Education changes lives and I know students appreciate any help they get. I'm happy to support the Foundation's campaign. Karen Gamracy
I attended the foundation breakfast today, enjoyed the presentation and heard about the goal to reach $50 million by 2020 and I wanted to contribute. If only everyone would just give a little bit. Andrew Scott
I would like to help nursing students with their expenses as costs have gone so much since I attended TRU. Anonymous
In Memory of my best friend. James Klein
Happy to support TRU and it's students. Adam Popien
Retired Faculty from School of Nursing. Diane Wells
I was the recipient of a couple of bursaries while I was a student which greatly helped lessen the burden of student loans. Everyone should have the right to an education regardless of financial ability. Anonymous
I believe First Nations success begins with a good education. Anonymous
To help support students by providing more opportunity to receive the excellent education provided by TRU and its staff. Joan Bernard
Education transforms lives. Barbara Berger
#supportingstudentsuccess Daryl Drozda
It's always a pleasure to meet and work with TRU students and alumni. Let's keep growing and supporting our TRU Alumni & Friends family. Ivan Petrov
To help fund students attendance at a Bankruptcy and Restructuring conference. Anonymous
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