Tuition Support

Some Indigenous students are eligible to receive support from their band or other organizations to pay for their post-secondary education. TRU helps to facilitate the unique agreement between the student and their sponsor.

How it works

  1. Submit a TRU Sponsorship Application Form to TRU before your registration date. Your sponsor will have to sign off on this document. If your sponsorship is not in place before your registration date, you will have to pay the necessary commitment fee to complete your registration.
  2. Once TRU receives the form, your account will be flagged "Sponsored Student". This can take up to two weeks after the receipt of the sponsorship document.
  3. After the tuition sponsorship contract has been set up, you will be responsible for ensuring that your sponsor receives your course registration data form. This is their invoice for your costs. You can print this document from your myTRU account or ask at Enrolment Services for a copy. If you wish, you can make a payment online at any time using a credit card by logging into your myTRU account or by using an alternative payment method. If you make your own payment, you can submit your paid registration data form to your sponsor for re-imbursement from them.
  4. If your sponsor doesn't pay the invoice by the deadline, or if there is an outstanding balance on the portion for which the student is responsible, the student file will be placed on financial hold. This means you won't be able to make changes to your registration, view grades, order transcripts or apply to convocate.
Details on sponsorship
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