Best Practices: Teaching and Learning

As educators and members of aboriginal communities work toward developing and implementing strategies that improve the success of aboriginal students, more and more best practices are identified. Research is beginning to support the use and the results of these best practices. The links below are some of the most recent sources for best practices in Aboriginal education.

Council of Ministers of Aboriginal Education Canada

The Council of Ministers of Education Canada collected best practices in Aboriginal education from each province and territory. They consider a best practice to be a project, strategy, or program that produces outstanding results according to set criteria:

  • is transferable
  • is validated by educators and local Aboriginal community groups
  • improves academic outcomes
  • increases community wellness
  • develops partnership between jurisdiction(s) and stakeholders
  • increases student well-being, self-confidence, identity, values, pride, personal development, or competence
  • fosters sharing of materials
  • creates a positive link to employment
  • inclusion of Aboriginal content or perspective
  • increases participation in the education system
  • includes active participation in community life

Council of Ministers of Aboriginal Education Best Practices

Canadian Council on Learning: First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Modules
This culturally appropriate framework offers educators an approach that not only identifies sources and domains of knowledge, but also measures learning through the lifespan, and identifies economic, health, and social barriers to learning.

Redefining How Success is Measured: Three Holistic Lifelong Learning Modules
This report by the Canadian Council on Learning offers a summary of the development, content and use of the three holistic lifelong learning modules.

Martin Aboriginal Education Initative: Promising Practices in Aboriginal Education

CIHR Aboriginal Knowledge Translation:
Understanding and respecting the distinct needs of Aboriginal communities in research.

Research Series: Aboriginal Healing Foundation

What I learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom

"As I Am" 2010 NFB short documentary
This documentary is set to a poem written by Mohawk Janet Rogers that challenges stereotypes of aboriginal people.

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