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Canadian Indian Art Inc.
Canadian Indian Art specializes in a selection of original pieces from the Coast Salish Culture including ceremonial headdress, masks, paddles, potlatch bowls, sculpture, rattles, talking sticks, totem pole, etc.

First Nations Art

First Nations Art

Josh Kolay, Artist

Josh Kolay, Artist
Of Dene "Tha First Nations, Kolay has been an artist since childhood. He focuses on the special interrelatedness of man and the natural environment.


Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is a very active player in a vibrant shift in the comfortably familiar world of Canada's iconic First Nations' art. After a career that spanned three decades of involvement in high-profile Haida political successes, Yahgulanaas...


Native Arts Saskatchewan
This website contains Aboriginal arts and crafts produced by Saskatchewan?s Aboriginal people. It has included a wide range of media from sculpture to moccasins. All artists are from the province of Saskatchewan.


The Art of Bill Reid
This is part of a collection of resources devoted to the artist Bill Reid. This whole site could be used for Grades 3 through 5 in particular in various subjects. For example, the link for 'Raven Steals the Light' could be used as an alternative viewpoint.


The Elders Are Watching – Roy Henry Vickers, Artist
Paintings of Pacific Northwest Indians and their view of the world by Canadian artist Roy Henry Vickers are accompanied by poems by David Bouchard emphasizing the importance of caring for the environment.


The Resource Centre for Native Art
This website is dedicated to promoting Native American art and artists. Teachers and students, of all ages, would find the images and information within this resource incredibly useful in a classroom setting.



Native Languages of the Americas: Cree
This website provides links for Cree language resources, Cree language, Community and Tools, Cree Language lessons and Linguistic Descriptions and Literature and texts in the Cree Language.


Indigenous Voices
This map was made for the Stó:lo Nation in order to show the relationship of Halq'eméylem to the languages spoken in the surrounding area. Most maps of languages in this area show only anglicized names of the languages spoken.


Project Naming
This site would be very useful for both teachers and students in Grade 4 and up who are studying the Inuit. It is a site that talks about the experience of the Inuit in a historic sense, as opposed to present day, as is based upon photographic evidence.



The Yellow Bird Indian Dancers
For over 25 years, Yellow Bird Productions has been a professional entertainment company providing, unique and authentic Native American song and dance presentations, including interactive activities.


Aboriginal Education Showcase


Susan Aglukark Online
This is a website dedicated to the singer / songwriter Susan Aglukark as one of Canada's most unique artists and a leading voice in Canadian music. She blends the Inuktitut and English languages with contemporary pop music arrangements to tell the stories...


John Trudell
A poet, recording artist, actor, and social activist who defines himself as "just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human".


Welcome to the Music, Dance, Culture
This website provides a brief introduction of music and dance of a couple of Aboriginal cultures across Canada. There is some basic information about dance (both men's and women's), the origins, how it is performed and the clothing worn. In addition...


Indigenous Canada
The Aboriginal Canada Portal has many links to information including: Aboriginal Peoples, Animals, Come and Play, History, Languages, Our Elders, Traditional Ways of living- general, clothing, dwellings, food and recipes, inventions, legends, songs ...


Indigenous Music Awards
The Indigenous Music Awards is a yearly event where awards are handed out for the following categories: Best Aboriginal Music Radio Station/Program, Best Album Cover Design, Best Fiddle CD, Best Flute CD, Best Gospel CD, Best Hand Drum C


First People's Music

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