Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Frequently Asked Questions on TRU’s policy on cannabis

 What change will take place at TRU when cannabis is legal in Canada on October 17?
For the most part, nothing will change. Individuals coming to our campuses will be prohibited from using cannabis just as they have in the past. The exception would be for those using medicinal cannabis, which has been the case for some time. Additionally, TRU will make accommodation for teaching and research purposes, with prior written approval.
 Why is TRU choosing a prohibition when other universities will allow cannabis on campus?
At this time, there is no standardized approach across universities. TRU has opted to take this approach in the best interest of all who come to our university.
 Why did TRU not become a smoke-free campus like other universities?
TRU received feedback that we should treat cannabis and tobacco the same, and prohibit tobacco use. We are monitoring the experience of other universities and are aware some are moving towards smoke-free campuses, partly to address the issue of cannabis legalization. We have not ruled this out for the future.
 Can individuals living on university residence use cannabis or grow cannabis?
As student residences are part of TRU property, the policy will apply and therefore, non-medicinal (recreational) use of cannabis is prohibited. This includes the Residence Tower, the McGill Residences, and the Upper College Heights Residences. Additionally, student resident agreements with Campus Living Centres (which operate the residences on behalf of TRU) prohibit growing cannabis.
 What happens if someone is found using non-medicinal cannabis on campus?
TRU generally takes an educational approach on policy infractions. Our goal is adherence to policy, rather than punishment.
 What should I do if someone is in violation of the policy?
Please report your concerns to TRU’s security office by calling extension 5033 from within the TRU telephone system or 250-828-5033 from a cellphone or external line. Alternatively, you can report your concern using the TRUSafe app on your smartphone.
 Where can I find more information?
The policy on cannabis is part of a broader revised policy on Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis, and can be found on TRU’s Official Policies website.
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