Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Frequently Asked Questions on TRU’s policy on pets/animals

 Under the policy, will I be able to bring my pet to campus?
The policy does not prevent individuals from bringing pets on campus; it does however, limit where they can be. Pets will not be allowed within facilities, and if on the university grounds, leashed and under supervision at all times.
 What animals will still be allowed?
There are some exceptions listed in the policy to accommodate university program needs or student support services. Examples include animals in the Animal Health Technology program and dogs brought in for Therapy Dog Thursdays. Please read the policy for further information.
 What should I do if someone is in violation of the policy?
If the violation of the policy is by a staff or faculty member, concerned individuals should report the violation to the appropriate supervisor. If the violation is by a student or another individual, or if you’re uncertain about the individual’s status (whether a TRU community member or visitor) please report your concerns to TRU’s security office by calling extension 5033 from within the TRU telephone system or 250-828-5033 from a cellphone or external line. Alternatively, you can report your concern using the TRUSafe app on your smartphone.
 What happens if someone is in violation of the policy?
Situations will be addressed on an individual basis with a focus being on adherence to the policy.
 What was the feedback provided by the TRU community during the policy comment period?
TRU received responses from 41 individuals. The majority requested revisions be made to allow for accommodations. The senior executive team and President’s Council discussed the proposed policy on three separate occasions and had considered some of the alternatives proposed during the comment period (e.g. leaving the issue of pets to individual departments or units). However, such alternatives would not have addressed the overriding concerns around health and safety.
 Did TRU look to other universities in developing the policy?
In our review of university policies, we found approaches varied. Several individuals providing comment to TRU noted the University of British Columbia (UBC) allows pets on campus; however, it is our understanding that UBC has left the matter to individual departments and units. While some buildings/work settings at UBC have pets, others do not. Putting the onus on different units and department would present other challenges, including lack of consistency across the university, and still not address health and safety concerns.
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