Off Campus Housing Rentals

Finding off-campus housing can be difficult and time consuming. We would like to help make the process as easy as possible for you. Here is the list of the resources and information for the off-campus housing rentals.

Where should I look?

When looking at the addresses of potential rentals, or touring the area, the following are some of the different streets that are close to the university, and generally within walking distance or a quick bus ride.

 Near Campus
  • Columbia Street (some locations are walking distance, some by bus)
  • McGill Road
  • Pemberton Terrace
  • Greenstone Drive
  • Dalhousie Drive
  • St. Paul Street
  • Nicola Street
  • Battle Street
  • Pine Street
 North Kamloops

The North Shore TRU Express, which runs on Tranquille Road, makes this area handy for students looking for a good deal on rentals. Some apartment blocks are right on Tranquille Road, while others can be found on nearby streets such as Kitchener Crescent and Schubert Drive.

 Sahali and Aberdeen

These main streets are south of campus and on/near direct bus routes to the university with average 5-10 minute ride.

  • Gleneagles Drive (Sahali)
  • Hugh Allen Drive (Aberdeen)
  • Springhill Drive (Sahali)
  • Pacific Way (Aberdeen)
  • Robson Drive (Sahali)
  • Aberdeen Drive (Aberdeen)

Hotels Near TRU

Nearby hotels/motels provide a temporary solution to short term housing needs arising at the last minute. Monthly/weekly rental works best for temporary stay.

*Rates are subject to change, please check with the establishment.If you would like to book a room at other hotel/motel than the ones listed above, please contact ISA for information of the property.

HotelDistance to TRUKitchenetteServicesFacilitiesRate

Howard Johnson Hotel

530 Columbia St

by bus
available bedding,
portable hot stove
Laundry nearby,
$1100 (single) or $1550 (double)/mo

Panorama Inn

610 Columbia St W

available bedding,
bath linen,
wifi, cable tv,
coin laundry,
fridge, stove, microwave
No restrictions
on occupancy
Canada's Best Value
Inn & Suites
1200 Rogers Way

by bus
available bedding,
bath linen
free wifi, laundry,
fridge, stove, microwave,
phone, local calls,
cable tv, coffee maker
$1200/ 3 queen beds with kitchenette
$900/ 2 queen beds with Kitchenette
$800/ 2 queen beds no kitchenette

Grandview Motel

463 Grandview Terrace

available bedding,
bath linen
free wifi, laundry,
fridge, stove, microwave,
phone, local calls, cable tv,
coffee maker
double occupancy

Quality Inn

1860 Rogers Place
Debbie: 1-250-879-1098
Please CC:

10 minutes
to TRU,
5 minutes to
Aberdeen Mall and Cineplex,
bus stop in front of property
common area
with 2 large kitchens
cookware, microwave,
laundry on site,
wifi, hot tub,
pool, 24-hour gym
Double occupancy
*Long term rate available
upon request ($1000/month double occupancy)

Country View Motor Inn

176 Comazzetto Rd

30 minutes available bedding,
bath linen
free wifi, laundry,
refrigerator, stove,
microwave, phone,
local calls, cable TV, coffee maker,
indoor pool,
hot tub
$1200/month for double kitchen, double occupancy
$900/month for single kitchen, double occupancy
$900/month for single non-kitchenette, double occupancy

Private Apartments

Apartment ComplexAddress in KamloopsManager/Contact
Columbia Manor 1336 Columbia St Dave Marshall
Hillsview Apartments Arrowstone Dr Shawn Curtis
Kelson Manor Apartments 465 & 481 Greenstone Dr Adam
Stetson Place & Dufferin Terrace 595 Dalgleish Dr Rose Lemieux
Summit Village Residences 1415 Summit Dr 250-320-0538
Columbia Property Management Office: #101-388 First Avenue 250-851-9310

Rental Listings

Important Tips for Renting

Inspecting an Apartment

When you view rental accommodations, check these important features:

  • Are there locks on all doors?
  • Do the appliances work? Check the fridge and try turning on the stove.
  • Do the shower and taps work? Try turning them on.
  • Is the carpet clean? Ask the landlord if the carpet will be cleaned or changed before you move in.
  • How loud is traffic noise when the windows are open?
  • What does the rent include? For example, will you have to pay extra for any of the following: heat, electricity, cable, laundry facilities, fridge, stove, storage, or parking?

Protect yourself

  • Never send any money before seeing the rental unit and meeting with the landlord face to face. If they are asking you to send money before seeing the place, it is probably a scam and should be avoided!
  • Do not sign a lease that states how long you must stay unless you intend to stay for that period of time.
  • Make sure you have a written tenancy agreement with the owner or manager of the property.
  • Do not take over a rental from another student who is renting and leaving the country without having your own agreement in writing with the landlord.
  • Do not sign any documents that you don’t fully understand. If you need clarification make an appointment with an ISA
  • Designate someone who lives in BC to act as your agent in dispute resolution in case you need to return to your home country before the landlord has returned your security deposit. Contact the Residential Tenancy Branch to do this.
  • Do participate in a move-in and a move-out inspection, or else risk losing your deposit. Don’t pay a deposit for a place you are not sure you want, or you may lose your deposit.
  • Do get an original copy of your condition inspection report after you sign it. Don’t sign the condition inspection form until you indicate on the report if you disagree with any of your landlord’s statements on the report.
  • Do make sure you have your landlord’s name, phone number, and address before you have a problem. Don’t expect to be reimbursed for repairs you do yourself unless your landlord agrees to it in writing.
  • Do insist on receiving a notice of rent increase on the proper form. Don’t sign something agreeing to an above guideline rent increase if you don’t want to accept it.

Finally…trust your instincts. If your first meeting with a potential landlord is not good, it’s likely you’ll have problems with that person and should not rent from him/her. Don’t sign an agreement or pay a deposit unless you are absolutely sure you want to move in to the place.

For a more detailed explanation of the topics mentioned, here please refer to The Tenant Survival Guide.

Disclaimer: please read carefully

Before you review listings on this site, you should understand that:

Thompson Rivers University does not recommend or endorse any listing

The information provided on this site is purely for the convenience of TRU students and TRU does not recommend or endorse any of the premises listed. The listings have not been inspected by TRU and TRU has not confirmed the accuracy of the information provided or the suitability of the accommodations for residential purposes.

It is your responsibility to inspect and investigate any listing

It is the responsibility of the student to contact the landlord directly. TRU highly recommends a personal inspection of the premises and an exhaustive review of all arrangements with the landlord. Any student who does not feel qualified to entertain these investigations should seek either parental advice or professional assistance.

As a tenant, you may be assuming personal liability risks and should consider insurance

Students are also warned that as tenants they may potentially incur risks which expose them to personal liability as occupiers of property. All students are urged to review the issue of insurance with their landlord and/or their own insurance agents.

TRU is not liable for your use of this site

TRU does not make any representations about or endorse any of the listings on this site and provides no guarantee that any listing is trustworthy, safe or suitable. TRU is not responsible for any damage or losses resulting from your use of the site and by using the site, you accept and assume and agree to be solely responsible for all damage or losses you incur as a result of your use of this site.

How to recognize and avoid rental scams

Please carefully review the resources of this website. While instances of online fraud may be rare, it is important to be attentive when conducting a housing search or looking for potential tenants/subletters

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