Student Council Terms of Reference

Student Council Terms of Reference

January 2008

Name: Thompson Rivers University, Williams Lake Campus Student Council


  • Coordinate ‘campus life’ opportunities for students

  • Ensure that local Comprehensive University Enhancement Funds are spent in ways that benefit the majority of the student body

  • Act as advocates on issues of student concern, communicate said issues to campus Administration, and work with campus Administration to ensure issues are addressed in a mutually satisfactory manner.

  • Provide a forum for discussion where students can share ideas and concerns

Principles/Shared Values:

  • Representation of all TRU students in Williams Lake
  • Bringing together students from different programs in a shared sense of campus community
  • Encouraging student health, wellness, and involvement
  • Recognition that much of the university experience happens outside of the classroom
  • Shared decision making


  • Membership is limited to current TRU-WL students (full or part-time, in any course or program of study) or OL students residing in Williams Lake.
  • Two staff or faculty members will act as non-voting advisors to the group.

Representative Areas:

  • Student representatives will be sought from the following programs and interest areas:
    • Arts
    • Business/Applied Business Technology
    • First Nations
    • Human Services
    • Nursing
    • Open Learning
    • Sciences
    • Trades
    • University Preparation
  • If more than one member is nominated or volunteers from any given area, they may choose to both attend meetings, alternate meetings, or hold a vote within their area to choose a single representative. In addition to the Officer positions (see below), there shall be no more than 2 representatives from each of the above representative areas.
  • The faculty advisors will post a call for nominations in early September. Terms run until the end of the Winter academic semester (late April), though the VP Finance and President will need to close all bank accounts and financial transactions by the end of the fiscal year, March 31.
  • Vacant positions may be filled mid-term if an interested student comes forward.


  • Upon mutual agreement, the Council may invite guests who can expand on or clarify current issues. Issues to be discussed will be moved to the beginning of the agenda to allow guest(s) to speak to the matter first and then leave the meeting.


  • The officers shall consist of a:
    • President, who will chair the meetings and represent the entire Williams Lake student body at public events if required
    • VP External responsible for community liaison
    • VP Internal responsible for coordinating on-campus student communication
    • VP Administration responsible for recording and distributing minutes within 2 weeks of each meeting
    • VP Finance who will maintain up-to-date and accurate financial records for the group
  • Returning students will be encouraged to fill these officer positions, ideally (though not necessarily) having had previous experience as a Council representative the year before.
  • As they are fairly time-consuming and detail-oriented positions, the roles of VP Finance and VP Administration may be shared between two students.
  • The VP Finance and President will share signing authority on the Council’s bank account.


  • The President and VP Administration will prepare an agenda for distribution prior to or at meetings. Paper and electronic copies will be provided, as they will with meeting minutes.


  • Meetings will normally be held weekly, on a date that fits with a majority of members’ class schedules. Meetings are generally to be held at noon, and will not run longer than an hour. Council may vote to cancel or postpone meetings during final exams; members are thanked for taking on Council responsibilities, but should always keep in mind their academic responsibilities are their first priority.


  • There must be four (4) student members in attendance to establish quorum. If quorum is not met, issues may still be discussed and urgent votes may be conducted between meetings electronically.

Terms of Reference:

These Terms of Reference may be amended by mutual agreement.
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