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Return to Campus

Now that we have people returning to campus IT Services has prepared a video to help make the return process as easy as possible.

The video can be found Here.

Get Tips Web Conferencing in the Classroom

Do you need to work from home? Before contacting IT Services please make sure to review the remote access software and setup instructions below

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Get a free version of the latest Microsoft Office to use for as long as you are a student or employee at TRU.

Android Update Instructions

September 9th, 2021

Due to a recent security vulnerability on Android devices, all staff should be updating their devices with the most recent security patches.

To get the most recent updates go to the settings menu on your device, the icon should look like a gear. From there you will need to scroll down the menu until you find the “System” section of your settings, choose this option from the menu, then choose Update. This may be different on devices from different manufacturers, some may have an option for Software update on the main settings page. Next choose to update your device and let the updates complete.

If you are unable to find the option to update your phone using the above instructions the following link is to a site with information that will guide you on the exact procedure for updating your phone:

To use the site, type your device model into the search bar, then select your phone from the list. From there you can search “Update” and you will get step by step instructions, with pictures, on updating your device.

If you are unable to find a guide on the site or the instructions are incomplete please contact the IT Service Desk.

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