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BC Adult Graduation Diploma

Earn a high school diploma with these courses. Some courses are available online through Open Learning.

Grade 12 requirements
Campus Online
Language Arts 12:
ENGL 0600 or 0620 ENGL 0601
Mathematics 11 or 12:
MATH 0510, 0520 or 0550 MATH 0523
Three Grade 12 ministry authorized courses OR Social Studies 11 and two Grade 12 ministry authorized courses:
BIOL 0600
CHEM 0600
PHYS 0600
MATH 0600/0610
MATH 0630
MATH 0650
NAST 0600
Any university-level course
BIOL 0601
MATH 0633
PHYS 0601

You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have successfully completed three of the above courses as an adult
  • Have successfully completed at least one of the above courses at TRU

Online certificates

Earn a grade 10 or 11 equivalency certificate with these online courses offered through Open Learning.

Grades 10 and 11 requirements
Grade 10 Grade 11
ENGL 0401 ENGL 0501
MATH 0401 MATH 0523
One science course: One science course:
Consult an advisor for suitable courses BIOL 0501
CHEM 0501
PHYS 0501
One elective: One elective not used for science requirement:
Consult an advisor for suitable courses BIOL 0501
CHEM 0501
PHYS 0501
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