Budgeting: Create a Financial Plan

Knowing the costs of attending university and the funding you have available, will help you stay on top of your finances. Here are some easy steps you can take to develop a financial plan for your education.


Know your costs

This includes tuition, books, transportation, living costs, etc. You can find an overview of costs with Money Matters, and look up your direct program costs.

Money Matters Program Costs


Find what funding is available

Here are some examples of funding opportunities:


Put it all together

Total your costs, then total your funding available. Subtract your costs from the funding available.

Your total costs MINUS total funds available = ??

If the amount is greater than zero, you will need additional financial support to attend University.

If the amount is less than or equal to zero, you will have enough to cover your costs.

Need help?

Email Student Awards & Financial Aid.

As well, a number of budgeting tools can be found on the Web; select one of the following links below for further information:

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