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What do I need to get in?

 General Admission Requirements

TRU programs generally require BC high school graduation or equivalent. Exceptions to this requirement will be indicated in the program specific admission requirements. You may be considered to have the equivalent of BC high school graduation for admission purposes if you have completed:

  • the BC Adult Graduation (Adult Dogwood) diploma, or previously the ABE Provincial diploma
  • the General Education Diploma (GED)

In some circumstances, certain programs may accept students without high school graduation under mature student status.

 English language requirements

English is the language of instruction at TRU. Applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate language proficiency. TRU will verify that applicants meet language proficiency requirements prior to admission.

If you don't meet your program's English Language requirement, you may meet and/or obtain the equivalency through additional coursework and/or approved English placement assessment:

  • Additional Coursework: University Preparation courses (campus or distance)
  • Assessment: TRU Accuplacer, Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

 Types of admission

Depending on the program, qualified applicants are admitted based on three admission processes:

Open (Non-Competitive) Admission: Admission decisions are made on a first-applied, first-qualified basis. Course upgrading is available in these programs.

Limited Admission: Admission decisions are made on a first-qualified basis. These programs have a limited number of seats.

Selective (Competitive) Admission: Admission decisions are made on a competitive basis. Applications will be assessed using criteria that may include an admissions average, interviews, questionnaires and letters of reference. These programs have a limited number of seats and a set application deadline. Applications may continue to be accepted after the application deadline if space permits.

 Program specific admission requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements you will need to ensure you meet your program's specific admission requirements.

 Provincial and other admission equivalents

TRU recognizes and acknowledges the differences between provincial education requirements. You are considered to have the equivalent of BC high school graduation if you graduated from high school in:

  • Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario (after 2003), Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Yukon
  • Quebec, and have completed one full academic year at CEGEP

You are also considered to have the equivalent of BC high school graduation if you have completed the International Baccalaureate diploma program.

For program specific provincial admission equivalents, see the equivalency chart.

Alberta students note: TRU takes the blended final mark (diploma and course) for ELA 30-1, and for all other courses, we will take whatever grade is highest—diploma or course.

 What if I don't meet program requirements?

If you don't meet the program specific admission requirements but do meet the general admission requirement (or equivalent), you can be accepted to a non-competitive admission program. You will also be able to upgrade any required courses for that program, or a limited or competitive admission program.

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