Transnational Education Programs

Transnational education programs

Transnational programs allow students in partner institutions to partially – or, in some cases, totally – complete TRU program requirements at their home institutions. Students often transfer to TRU to complete their studies, at the conclusion of which they can earn the appropriate degree or diploma awarded by TRU.

Currently, TRU has more than 40 partner institutions in countries around the world, including China, South Korea, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. These linkages are mainly classed as accreditation programs, where TRU programs are delivered overseas in collaboration with a partner institution, articulation programs, that support the transfer of credits completed at a partner institution to further studies at TRU and pathway programs, where students are admitted to TRU partly on the basis of their successful completion of preparatory studies with a pathway partner.

Sample accreditation program

Tianjin University of Technology (TUT)
Tianjin, China

  • Program: 4+0 Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program
  • Established: September 2002
  • Graduates to Date: 700

TUT offers a complete four-year TRU Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program in China, with courses delivered jointly by TUT and TRU faculty. Along with Chinese students from TUT, the program also enrolls Canadian exchange students visiting from the TRU campus in Canada.

Sample articulation program

Kyunghee University (KHU)
Seoul, South Korea

Students who complete two years of study in the Tourism, Hotel or Convention Management Degree program at KHU may transfer into the third year of TRU’s Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree.

Sample pathway program

Kamloops School District (SD73)
Kamloops, Canada

These in-Canada linkages create new pathways for qualified international students to complete their preparatory studies at SD73 and then transfer smoothly to university studies at TRU.

Sample visiting students

Changshu Institute of Technology (CIT)
Changshu, China 

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