The Den Food Menu

Oct. 19-23

Daily Lunch Feature $12

While quantities last.

Soup Du Jour $6.50

Served with garlic naan.

1lb Jumbo Chicken Wings $12

Choice of BBQ, Diablo hot, honey garlic, Tex-Mex, Greek, Cajun, sweet chili or lemon pepper. Served with carrots & ranch dip. 

Veggie Spring Rolls $8 (Vegetarian)

Served with sweet chili sauce.

Kettle Chips $7 (Vegetarian)

Homestyle & shaken up in your choice of Cajun, dill, Tex-Mex, Greek or plain. Served with ranch dip. 

Deep Fried Pickles $7 (vegetarian)

Battered pickle spears deep fried until golden brown. Served with ranch dip. 

Onion Rings $7.25 (vegetarian)

Coated in beer batter & fried to perfection

Basket of Fries $6.50 (vegetarian)

Crispy and beer battered

Basket of Tater Tots $6.50 (Vegetarian)

Side of Gravy $2 (gluten free)

Perfect pairing for our fries

Les Canadiens Poutine $12

Beer battered fries, cheese curds and gravy

Butter Chicken Poutine $13

Beer battered fries, cheese curds, grilled chicken, creamy butter sauce, green onions and gravy. 

Chicken Caesar Tater Tot Poutine $13

Tater tots, bacon, grilled chicken, cheese curds, green onion, Caesar dressing and gravy.

Garden Greens $8 (vegan and gluten free)

Fresh greens topped with tomato, cucumber, onion & carrot.
Drizzled with choice of dressing (Ranch, Herb (V/GF), Balsamic (V/GF), or Cranberry (DF/GF)).
Half Size $5
Add chicken to any of our greens for $5.75 (GF)
Or Diablo Style Chicken for $6.75

Ultimate Caesar $11.50

Chopped romaine lettuce crowned with shredded asiago cheese, crisp bacon, seasoned croutons and lemon.
Half Size $7.50
Add chicken to any of our greens for $5.75 (GF)
Or Diablo Style Chicken for $6.75

Cranberry Orange Greens $9 (vegan and gluten free)

Fresh greens topped with mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, raisins, almonds and pecans. Drizzled with a cranberry vinaigrette.
Half Size $6.25
Add chicken to any of our greens for $5.75 (GF)
Or Diablo Style Chicken for $6.75

Butter Chicken Rice Bowl & Naan Bread $15

Creamy butter chicken over seasoned rice topped with green onion. Served with garlic naan bread. 

Sweet & Spice Pork Rice Bowl $14.50 

Breaded pork tossed with sweet & spicy chili sauce, served over seasoned rice and topped with green onion & slivered almonds. 

Double Chocolate Cheesecake $4

Drizzled with raspberry, chocolate & caramel sauce.

All below items are served with your choice of fries, tater tots, soup du jour or garden greens

Add the following substitutes:
Onion rings or Caesar salad $2.50
Les Canadiens side poutine $3.75

The Den Ultimate Caesar Wrap $14.50

Crispy breaded chicken strips, chopped romaine, Caesar dressing and asiago cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla.
Try them Diablo Style. Add $1.00

Chicken Tenders $14.50

Breaded chicken strips served with plum or honey mustard sauce.
Try them Diablo Style. Add $1.00

Falafel Garden Wrap $14 (vegan)

Crumbled chickpea falafel, hummus, cucumber, tomato, onion, carrot, fresh greens tossed in herb vinaigrette wrapped in a flour tortilla. 

Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Wrap $14.50 

Grilled chicken breast tossed in diablo hot sauce with smoked pepperoni, cheddar cheese, fresh greens, tomato,  onion & mayo. 

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