As countries around the world continue to be affected by COVID-19, the health and wellbeing of the TRU community remains top priority.

For September 2021, the BC Restart Plan allows more on-campus activities, including some Orientation activities.

Orientation activities will take place Sept. 7- Sept. 15th, 2021. This year students can create an Orientation that feels right for them by choosing to take part in virtual and in-person events.

During Orientation events you will learn about the people, places, supports, and resources available on campus. You will meet some upper-year current students, faculty, and staff as you explore TRU.

New-to-Campus (2020 fall intake, 2021 winter intake) students who have not had the chance to visit campus before are invited to take part in any Orientation activities taking place during the week.

If you have any questions regarding orientation or transitions to University please email us at orientation@tru.ca

Orientation Schedule- Click on the session links below to access all the information.

View the TRU Orientation - Fall 2021 schedule & directory.

Orientation FAQ

  Do I have to register for TRU Orientation?

There are many different orientation experiences for students to take part in both virtually and in-person. This year the only activities that require registration are speed friending, TRU's Clues and Mature & Transfer student orientation. Check out the full orientation schedule above to see how the sessions will be delievered along with any registrations needed.

 I am nervous about TRU Orientation because I don’t know anyone.

Don’t worry most new-to-TRU students will be nervous! But we have tried to offer several different type of sessions during the first week that will allow for students to interact, connect, ask questions and hopefully make some new friends.

 If I attend International Orientation, do I have to attend TRU Orientation?

This is up to each individual as both experiences have very different schedules and allow students to partake in both. Attending both events would be great for any student. TRU Orientation is a campus wide orientation that gives students opportunities to meet Deans, faculty, staff and students as well as explore our campus while having fun.

What are some words unique and useful to know at TRU?

There is some jargon that's unique to post-secondary education and some acronyms unique to TRU, so here's a glossary of terms to help keep you on course.

TRU Lingo
 I am a student who has previously attended a post-secondary institution and I am not interested in attending another orientation. Why should I come to TRU Orientation?

The TRU Orientation team is mindful that every student experience is unique so we have planned our program to meet students' needs. We believe it is important that all new-to-TRU students be oriented because your new program will require resources, supports and networking opportunities to create a successful transition to TRU. 

 How will I know what faculty/school academic session to attend on Sept. 7th? 

Good question, there are alot of different academic sessions happening that are specific to certain programs. All the academic sessions will be listed in the schedule with a time and how they will be delivered.

 I may require accessibility related accomodations to ensure that I can fully participate in the activities throughout TRU Orientation.

Please contact us at orientation@tru.ca to discuss potential accomodations. We will work with you and our Accessibility Services team to ensure you have equitable access to the learning and activities.

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